Summits of Patagonia Photo Expedition

Patagonia at the Height of Springtime! Mountain scenics, wildlife with new borns and wildflowers! Nov 30 to Dec 11, 2017 (12 days). *SOLD OUT (inquire about 2018 tour)

Join us for an unforgettable photo adventure in Patagonia at the height of springtime. Nov. 30 to Dec 11, 2017. Springtime is a spectacular moment for photography in Patagonia and this tour is timed to coincide with the absolute peak of it. In springtime the signature mountain peaks are still accented by plenty of snow cover, abundant shrubs and wildflowers will be in bloom and many of the birds and mammals will be found with their young offspring. Spring is also a desirable time as the more popular national parks of Torres de Paine and Los Glaciares (Fitzroy) tend to be far less crowded. This trip begins and ends in Punta Arenas, Chile. Price US$5,280 per person dbl. occ., (single occ. add 20%), (International and domestic air travel not included). Please e-mail us for availability. (*note: If using Internet Explorer you may have difficulty viewing the complete itinerary. In that case please try another browser like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc.).

    Day 1

    Fly from Santiago, Chile south following the spine of the Andes Range to Punta Arenas, Chile on the famed Straits of Magellan. Your guides will meet you at the airport and transfer you to our historic hotel on the main plaza of Punta Arenas. Pre-trip orientation meeting this evening followed by welcome dinner.

    Day 2

    Following breakfast we will depart for a boat tour to the Isla Magdalena Penguin Reserve in the Straits of Magellan where over 100,000 breeding pairs of Magellanic Penguins reside in springtime. Following the tour we will drive north to Puerto Natales on Last Hope Sound. In the evening and the following morning we will have opportunities to photograph the many colorful fishing boats at the harbor as well as a variety of waterfowl that are found along the shoreline, including the gorgeous Black-necked Swans which are abundant here and at this time some will be with their new born chicks that often ride upon their backs. Overnight at one of the most unique hotels found anywhere with views over Last Hope Sound.

    Day 3

    Following breakfast and another photo session with the swans and or some local gauchos, we drive about 1.5 hrs to the iconic Torres del Paine National Park. Check into our hotel with ample views of the spectacular Paine Massif. Afternoon photography near our hotel on the western boundary of the park.

    Day 4

    Early pre-breakfast outing for first-light photography of the famous “Horns”. Full-day exploring Torres del Paine by road and or trail.

    Day 5

    Early pre-breakfast outing for first-light photography of the famous "Horns" from another location. Full-day exploring the park by road and or trail. Transfer to another hotel located inside of the park with even more spectacular views of the Paine Massif.

    Day 6

    Early pre-breakfast outing for first-light photography of the famous Paine Massif. One last full-day exploring the park by road and or trail. Today will be spent on the eastern side of the park with spectacular views of the famous "Towers" whose 3000 ft vertical granite walls and renowned by mountaineers worldwide. Abundant wildlife (perhaps even a Puma!) and two spectacular waterfalls.

    Day 7

    Early pre-breakfast outing for first-light photography of the famous "Towers". Following breakfast we depart for Argentina by way of the Cerro Castillo border crossing and continue on to El Calafate stopping for lunch along the way at a remote roadhouse. In afternoon after checking into our hotel, we will visit the Laguna Nimez Bird Sanctuary, a wetlands area bordering Lago Argentino, Argentina’s largest lake. Wonderful bird photography opportunities, especially for Flamingos, swans, ducks and a variety of birds of prey. Hotel and dinner in El Calafate.

    Day 8

    Early departure following breakfast to the famous Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park along with bilingual local guide. We will spend several hours exploring different angles of the glacier’s massive terminus from the extensive walkway. This is a very active glacier and it is quite common to witness more than one large ice calving. The bright red “Notro” will be in bloom at this time and will add a nice foreground accent to the brilliant blue of the glacial ice. Following lunch, we will return to El Calafate and then continue on for another 1.5 hours north to the town of El Chalten located at the base of the iconic Fitzroy Range. Hotel in El Chalten and dinner at a wonderful local restaurant in town.

    Day 9

    Early pre-breakfast outing for first-light photography of the amazing Cerro Fitzroy and surrounding peaks.. Following breakfast we will organize ourselves for a full-day hike into the park. Alternatives include the Mirador Torre or the Piedras Blancas trails. El Chalten is our best option for getting some laundry done so we will drop that off before we go hiking. Those not up for a long hike can opt for a road tour up the Las Vueltas River. Here we can search for the fabulous Torrent Duck in the fast water sections of the river. We may opt for a short hike in a private nature reserve. Hotel in El Chalten and dinner at a wonderful local restaurant in town.

    Day 10

    Early pre-breakfast outing for first-light photography of the amazing Cerro Fitzroy and surrounding peaks.. Following breakfast there will be time to relax or take another short hike. Following lunch we will make our way back towards El Calafate stopping mid-way for an excursion and hike through the arid Valle Los Leones, a private reserve where an extensive petrified forest is located. The highlight being the many dinosaur bones from the Cretaceous Period that are encountered as well! Overnight at hotel and dinner in El Calafate.

    Day 11

    Following breakfast we will begin our journey back to Chile, again crossing at the Cerro Castillo border crossing. Upon entering Chile we will continue a short distance to the historic Estancia Cerro Guido, one of Patagonia’s largest sheep estancias, which borders Torres del Paine. Commanding views of the famous "Towers" from the estancia. Here we will learn about the history of this emblematic Patagonian industry that defined region’s early development. With any luck there will be some local gauchos "Baqueanos" to photograph going about their daily chores. In the evening we are treated to an authentic Patagonian "Asado" lamb roast as a final farewell celebration.

    Day 12

    Following breakfast we will transfer (3 hrs) to the Punta Arenas Airport, stopping for lunch at a quaint roadhouse along the way. Catch your afternoon flight to Santiago and connect to an evening flight home. End of tour......* For those interested: you may choose to stay in Punta Arenas and join an optional 2-day add-on excursion to visit the King Penguin colony on Tierra del Fuego. For more information please inquire.